The Twelve Gifts Discovery Quest

Guided by a belief that a bright future will be shaped by people who keep their 12 gifts alive and a passion for exploring ways to do that, Charlene has created The Twelve Gifts Discovery Quest. Through the Twelve Gifts of Birth Foundation, this program is offered free of charge to: schools, shelters, children’s hospitals, clubs – basically to every child in the United States.

The “Quest” is a discovery in two parts.

1. A Map to the Treasure in You. Children follow a trail through 12 areas that represent the 12 gifts to where “X” marks the spot and a hidden treasure awaits. Symbols for each gift can be found along the way. The map also offers rhymes and riddles, a word find, a picture puzzle and more, all intended to lead children to value themselves and their gifts.

2. The 12 Gifts Discovery Days. Understanding the demands on teachers and their time constraints, “Discovery Days” offers simple activities and easy-to-implement ways to foster the gifts in students, to build respect among them, and help them begin to recognize their own unique talentry.

If you wish to receive The 12 Gifts Discovery Quest for the children in your care, make your request to: Contact@TheTwelveGiftsofBirthFoundation

“What we teach our children, what we model for them, what we nurture in them, is who they become. I envision a future where adults face life’s challenges with hope, courage, and compassion, where the children we have sent into the world are alive with creative ideas and noble ideals. Because the gifts of birth have been fostered in them, they contribute their gifts and talents toward a better world for all. And they do this with love and joy. A big dream? Yes. And I hope you’ll join me in visioning such a future and working toward it.”

~ Charlene Costanzo