Welcome To The World

Welcome to the World is a keepsake booklet available for hospitals, birthing centers, and clinics to give to new parents. Copies of The Twelve Gifts of Birth book are also donated for the hospital to give to babies born on the launch date of the project at their institution. The keepsake includes a feature which can bring revenue to the hospital’s foundation from The Twelve Gifts of Birth Foundation so that all hospitals participating in the program can benefit monetarily as well as by strengthening patient relationships as parents are warmly congratulated and gently encouraged to recognize and care for the gifts in their little ones.

Welcome to the World CoverThe Welcome to the World booklet contains a congratulatory letter, a Twelve Gifts of Birth certificate which can be personalized with a baby’s name and birth information, and a poster of Ways to Nurture the Gifts in Your Child.

For information on obtaining Welcome to the World booklets or to explore how you might support this program in any way, please write to: [email protected]

The Twelve Gifts of Birth Poster   WelcomeFolder-Ltr-0714 Ways to Nurture the Gifts Poster